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Cap Frehel, France | 2020

About & Contact

My Story

Welcome, curious one! 


My name is Finn and I love photography and traveling.
This world, with its indefinite amount of beauty, fascinates and inspires me.

On this website, I’m sharing my fascinations and my learning progress with you. 


But how did I get here, having you read my About page? 


In 2017 I left Germany, where I grew up, to go on a journey to New Zealand and Australia.
I ended up spending a total of 20 months there.
Besides my backpack, I had my brand new Lumix G7 and zero photographic experience.
Let’s be honest here, back then I solely planned to shoot for myself, only to frame my memories. 


In early 2020, my travels to Southeast Asia followed and I found myself helplessly falling down the rabbit hole of all there is to learn about photography.
For the very first time, I had an idea of what there is to know and just a little later, I started using my camera.
Like, actually using it. 


Thrilled by the successes and challenges, I could no longer resist seeing myself as a photographer. 

I started building my own website, I signed up on Instagram, I was hooked. 


Now, I'm one of the millions of people trying to get your attention.
And that’s what brings us to today.


I’m at the very start of my personal journey with photography.
You’re invited to join me and draw inspiration for your own photographic ambitions and your journeys and adventures ahead. 


Let’s see where it goes. 

Let's go See The World! 


Photography Journeys


France, Netherlands, Germany

APRIL - TODAY - 2020

South East Asia

Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam



New South Wales, Victoria

SEPTEMBER - JUNE - 2018 / 2019


New Zealand

NOVEMBER - SEPTEMBER - 2017 / 2018


Journeys Without Camera

North America


JULY 2019

Southern Europe

Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria,

Canarian Islands, Italy, France

During the past 10 years

Northern Europe

Scotland, Ireland, England, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Czechia, Germany

During the past 10 years

Middle East


Multiple times between 2003 & 2015


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